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Do You see yourself in a Job, that can bring massive Learning, Joy, Love and Impact, to you and the World?

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Khul World

Nurturing Human Potential


KHUL WORLD started, not as an organization but, as a small community of Students in Mekelle University, Ethiopia, who dared to challenge and question the fundamentals of how society approaches Education, Work/Business and largely Human Wellbeing. Now functioning as an Ethiopian Social Enterprise driven to offer massive Value Transforming the lives of millions globally.

Khul World came with a calling of transformational Impact and human becoming through designing and Engineering Optimal Living Programs and Consciousness expanding Enterprises towards Inclusive & Nurturing Communities, Nations and World.

There is a visible shift happening in our globe, the world is evolving at an exponential rate. According to the futurist and transformational Author Peter Diamandis, there will be as much change between 2016 and 2022 as there was between 1900 to 2000. Some of these changes are victimizing many around the world and it is also disrupting the systems of Health, Education, Environment, Politics and of course Work. It is apparent, more than ever before, for human beings to take a pause and realign with our nature inside and the nature around. At Khul World we believe the most Important business of our species is taking charge of the Human Wellbeing and the wellbeing of our Planet.


Here are 7 of our core Beliefs at Khul World, we call them our Khulosophy.

Khulosophy  (Khul’s culture, philosophy and manifesto)

And Why hundreds apply to join us on every opening from Ethiopia and abroad


  1. Global Mission

Khul world, believes transformation of individuals opens door ways to global transformation. Through our signature Khulosophy and innovation that we call Self-Engineering ( ሰብዓዊ  ምህንድስና) to social engineering (ማህበረሰባዊ ምህንድስና), we aspire to establish the World Institute of Self-Engineering (WISE), Universities of Self-Engineering (USE) and Self-Engineering Clubs (SEC) and communities around the world to unleash the practice and understanding of inner sciences towards healthier, happier, response-able and inclusive individuals, societies, nations and world.


  1. Joy infused Job; Happiness fuels productivity

We, at Khul world, don’t just consider joy or success the destination or result of work but rather a fueling element we take with us before, during and after what we do and to each other. It is shocking to see global work place studies like Gallup where 85% of workers hate their jobs ( We believe work should evolve to be as fun and exciting as one’s favorite game. At khul we love spicing up our work environment with games, music, art expression, jamming and dancing nights, family trips and retreats.

  1. Khulversity; Continuous Learning

Many members of our community relate Khul with continuous learning in fact our very name Khul (ክሁል); a ge’ez word means learning and growth (ክህሎት፣ በአማርኛ). We value the continuous learning and growth of our team, here are some expressions of our Learning Culture;

  • Weekly co-created learning between Khul family members where members take assignments to study something they want to learn and share with the family on khul weekly family meet ups.
  • Our signature experiential community learning platform Khul Academy (#KA) has hosted100+ sessions and touched thousands (link). Some of the sessions we had include Travelling 101, Breathing 101, BeatBoxing 101, Self Defense 101, Magic 101 etc
  • Khul in house sessions where experts on various fields are invited to come and teach/ train our team to unfold their better versions.
  • In addition (if you are a full timer) you have a weekly paid half day off to invest on any learning/ skill development (example; Guitar, swimming, dancing, etc…)


  1. Service; Khul-Hearts

One of the foundational pillars of Khul World is Service. Borrowing a quote from the transformational teacher Neale Donald Walsh, “Your life has nothing to do with you, it is about everyone whose life you touch and how you touch it”. We have service at the core of our organization internally to each other, where tear filled emotional healings happen with a depth of care shared in our circles and also extending these through our monthly service projects to our community. And If you are a full time Khuler, you have a paid day off every month to go and Volunteer anywhere or any community you are attracted to serve at.


  1. Khul Tribe and culture (like minds – like hearts)

Khul World believes the transformational power of connection, when people with like minds and like hearts come together magic happens in their lives, the gathering and the world too. Khul was started as a community with people who felt joining hands, minds and hearts is the most powerful thing that can happen to individuals and to our planet. At khul we attract people who try to bring the best version of themselves, their community and the world. And our culture is fueled by appreciation and celebration of each other. Khul shower is an example that happens monthly to shower our family members with love, gratitude and appreciation for their special quality in that month (pics of khul shower). Another exciting element of our culture is KISS (Khul Insiders for Secret Surprises), an insider “CIA” J in Khul family that surprises team mates on their birthdays and other celebrations. We also love celebrating holidays together.


  1. Sharing abundance; Growing together 

Besides the fulfillment we share that comes from the lives touched and impacted, we also share the abundance and profits earned from our various businesses.  Based on the position, work involvement (part time/ full time) and duration in the system, one is entitled to an incremental percentage shared from the profits that came in that month. Don’t get surprised if your pay check gets tripled from last month’s salary or if Khul pays to sponsor you on an international course/certification you really wanted to embark, because the team was able to raise the profits together.


  1. Khul Community; becoming the change we want to see!

Community is what we are about and community is what we keep to attract as life enthusiasts, teachers and partners, with whom we dare to create and engineer the better of our future that would make our children’s children thank us for. We aspire to gather  Visionaries, dreamers, leaders, Innovators, Authors, Designers, Entrepreneurs, Passionate Artists, transformational teachers, parents, social change, wellbeing and voluntarism advocates to bring about a revolution of Love, revolution of Peace and revolution of Consciousness.


Khul is Calling Life Enthusiast Players who want to grow and impact the world with our family, we have opened 3 hiring spots for young change makers :


  1. Junior Operations Manager, this may be you if

>You have led various projects/operations, with tangible results you are confident to share

>You have experience and/or background in Project/Operation/Business Management

>You have Served/Volunteered in a leadership position in community Service/learning platforms, like Rotaract/Rotary, AIESEC, Toastmasters, DOT or similar others


  1. Junior People (HR) Manager, this may be you if

>You have led various teams, with tangible results you are confident to share

>You have experience in starting and/or leading teams in a for profit and/or non-profit

>You have Served/Volunteered in a leadership position in community Service/learning platforms, like Rotaract/Rotary, AIESEC, Toastmasters, DOT or similar others


  1. Accounts and Customers Admin, this may be you if

>You have an experience in Office Administration

>You have a experience and/or background in Accounting and Finance

>You have an experience receiving and managing customers


How To Apply

  1. Send us your CV, to our Telegram bot for Khul Applicants
  2. A Motivation Letter that includes, but not limited to;

> What it means for you to join Khul World Family and how you are fit our culture

> Your experience (and passion) and how it relates with the position

> How can you make an Impact on your life, Khul World and the World

3. Fill the Online Application Form at


“We all came as gifts to mother Earth, may we step forth to let these gifts Shine and Brighten each other and our planet”   Yoftahe M.(Happy), founder & CCV (Chief Creative Visionary) at Khul World

Khul World; Nurturing Human Potential
















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