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KHUL ACADEMY is a life learning platform/project powered by khul Holistic Development Center... aimed at a holistic life excellence or acceleration of individuals... In short, it is delivering programs where college (conventional education ) missed to give us. And also showcasing various life Learning 101 s, by inviting teachers and at times transformational books in various fields... ranging from Creativity 101 to Breathing 101, to Entrepreneurship 101 to Fitness 101, Meditation 101 to First Aid 101....etc. It's life upgrade and expansion of our life and competency in various dimensions!  

Founded in 2014 by a young growth enthusiast Yoftahe Manyazewal, Khul gathers a group of Visionaries, Innovators, Authors, Designers, Entrepreneurs, Passionate artists, transformation coaches, social change and voluntarism advocates working towards creating big possibilities of positive impact from Individual Excellence towards Human Excellence, through driving happiness and igniting newness to the systems of Wellness, Education and Business (WEB).
Formalizing the uniquely designed Holistic Growth Platform(HGP), SHEGA University of GREATNESS, in the 6 continents of the world 2040, towards ground breaking positive global Impacts and driving Human Excellence.
Aspire Individuals, Businesses, institutions & Organizations, equipping with modern researched tools and holistic growth approaches to Personal and Organizational excellence.
We have reached many thousands with motivational sessions in different national & international media and stages, different Ethiopian Universities, offered training services for large organizations and institutions. We provided powerful training, mentoring and coaching to executives of a variety of organizations in Africa, the UK and USA.

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Wide Publicity of Khul’s unique project Shega Vision Board on various Medias.

Khul is Expanding the reach of it’s transformational programs to hundreds and still counting

Our Projects


Khul Weekly Interactive Networking, is a Weekly UNCONFERENCE Hosted at the Khul HQ, which facilitates the Gathering, Interaction and Impact making of Individuals. It is a Unique platform here in Addis to let people excel in their Passion as well as Profession.

Khul Academy

Khul Academy is a life learning platform which we believe can fill the gaps in conventional educational systems, with different alternative education packages. Some of the programs include, High School to Campus and Campus to Corporate which are programs aimed at filling the life skill gaps students’ face in stepping to the next level.

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"We believe Every single person on the planet has a purpose and the potential to do something Epic to change the World. We must stop living small and ordinary in the norm but rather start thinking audaciously crazy and bold , while sharing the pride that comes through making each others' dreams reality." Khulosophy      


I have all it takes to make any shift happen.I can Create Possibilities using the most powerful tool given to me and to all of humanity, the power of choice.
  • I can choose what to Focus on.
  • I can choose what any circumstances Mean.
  • I can choose what to Do, at any given time.


Creativity for Organizational Success

Happy workplace

Motivational Package for successful performance

Persuasive & confident communication

Attitude shift for better performance

Team building and faster growth

Emotional Intelligence for organization growth

Leadership & Interactive growth

And Holistic Packages of:

  • Staff Empowerment & Motivation
  • Creation of a competitive leap
  • Creative & innovative development

What additional services can we offer?

  • Designing a Corporate growth culture
  • Upgrading of work environment, for greater success
  • Creative development consultations

Partners & Clients

Class Schedules

Tai Chi

10 days Awesomeness Challenge

Early Morning & Evening Sessions

Meditation & Happy Living

Meditation & Happy Living

Early Morning & Evening Session twice a week

Zumba Dancing


           Evening and weekend Sessions at Khul


HappYoga at Khul

   Early Morning & Evening HappYoga at Khul

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  • Bole Road, in front of Denbel city center at Retina Building 9th floor
  • +251(9)132 800 88
  • info@khulworld.com