About Us

  Khul World came with a calling of transformational Impact and human becoming through designing and Engineering Optimal Living Programs and Consciousness expanding Enterprises towards Inclusive & Nurturing Communities, Nations and World

KHUL WORLD started, not as an organization but, as a small community of Students in Mekelle University, Ethiopia, who dared to challenge and question the fundamentals of how society approaches Education, Work/Business and largely Human Wellbeing. Now functioning as an Ethiopian Social Enterprise driven to offer massive Value Transforming the lives of millions globally.
Khul world, believes transformation of individuals opens door ways to global transformation. Through our signature Khulosophy and innovation that we call Self-Engineering ( ሰብዓዊ ምህንድስና) to social engineering (ማህበረሰባዊ ምህንድስና), we aspire to establish the World Institute of Self-Engineering (WISE), Universities of Self-Engineering (USE) and Self-Engineering Clubs (SEC) and communities around the world to unleash the practice and understanding of inner sciences towards healthier, happier, response-able and inclusive individuals, societies, nations and world.

“We all came as gifts to mother Earth, may we step forth to let these gifts Shine and Brighten each other and our planet” Yoftahe M.(Happy), founder & CCV (Chief Creative Visionary) at Khul World

Khul World is an Impact driven Ethiopian Social Enterprise, designing and building consciousness expanding programs, enterprises and communities towards optimal human becoming.

We enable people and organizations to understand and live out from core fundamentals of human nature.

Community is what we are about and community is what we keep to attract as life enthusiasts, teachers and partners, with whom we dare to create and engineer the better of our future that would make our children’s children thank us for. We aspire to gather Visionaries, dreamers, leaders, Innovators, Authors, Designers, Entrepreneurs, Passionate Artists, transformational teachers, parents, social change, wellbeing and voluntarism advocates to bring about a revolution of Love, revolution of Peace and revolution of Consciousness.
We have reached many thousands with transformational sessions in different local and international programs and also national & international media and stages, different Ethiopian Universities, offered training services for large organizations and institutions. We provided powerful training, mentoring and coaching to executives of a variety of organizations in Africa, and beyond.

Latest News At Khul

Wide Publicity of Khul’s unique project Shega Vision Board on various Medias.

Khul is Expanding the reach of it’s transformational programs to hundreds and still counting

Our Projects

Khul Academy

KHUL ACADEMY is a life learning platform powered by Khul World aimed at a holistic life excellence and expansion of individuals and society

In short, it is delivering programs where schools and college (conventional education ) missed to give us. And also showcasing various life Learning 101 s, by inviting teachers to offer experiential and practical sessions ranging from Creativity 101 to Breathing 101, to Beat-boxing 101, Self Defense 101 to Fitness 101, Meditation 101 to First Aid 101….etc.

It’s life upgrade and expansion of our life and competency in various dimensions!

we recently passed session #100 and celebrated our KhulVersary 🙂

More Projects


Here are 7 of our core Beliefs at Khul World, we call them our Khulosophy. Khulosophy  (Khul’s culture, philosophy and manifesto) And Why hundreds apply to join us on every opening from Ethiopia and abroad
  1. Global mission; Challenging out Limits
  2. Joy infused Job; Happiness fuels productivity
  3. Khulversity; Continuous learning
  4. Service; Khul-Hearts
  5. Khul Tribe and culture; Like minds - like hearts
  6. Sharing abundance; Growing together
  7. Khul community ; Becoming the change we want to see!


Creativity for Organizational Success

Happy workplace

Motivational Package for successful performance

Persuasive & confident communication

Attitude shift for better performance

Team building and faster growth

Emotional Intelligence for organization growth

Leadership & Interactive growth

And Holistic Packages of:

  • Staff Empowerment & Motivation
  • Creation of a competitive leap
  • Creative & innovative development

What additional services can we offer?

  • Designing a Corporate growth culture
  • Upgrading of work environment, for greater success
  • Creative development consultations

Partners & Clients

Class Schedules

Yoga Class Schedules

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Your Partners for the overall Wellbeing of you and your organization.

  • Bole Road, on the way to Rwanda (It is under the bridge on the road that goes from Bole road to Rwanda, 3rd right turn, and in the compound Unicone building 1st floor)
  • +251932333382
  • +251932333382
  • info@khulworld.com